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 JetComfy Travel Pillow

Let Us Take Care Of Your Rest!


Ease of Use

The most comfortable travel pillow you will ever use by taking the weight off of your spine and neck

Natural Comfort

 Rest in the most natural and comfortable way that suits your needs


It's lightweight, compact, and fully adjustable (height, swivel and tilt) to your needs.

Sleep Anywhere

 With a full two inches of plush comfort, JetComfy is perfect for the plane, train or taking the occasional nap at work

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Travel Comfort Like You've Never Felt Before...

Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile, you want to be as at ease as possible. Sure, neck pillows are great and all, but JetComfy might have made an even better option. The travel pillow is fully adjustable, which means you can customize the height, swivel, and tilt just for you. It’s made with 2 inches of memory foam that’s sure to be cozier than resting on your travel companion’s shoulder.


"With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lifting travel restrictions for both domestic and international trips, many of us are itching to book a flight. Let’s not forget, however, that flying isn’t always super comfortable — especially for those of us who aren’t jetting first-class. That’s where the JetComfy Travel Pillow comes in."

Yahoo - Caitlyn Fitzpatrick

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